souvenir snaps – from avengers exhibition, with love

hey hey! I'm back - fresh off the back of another internship, this time at Moxie. I'll post up some of the articles I did for them, and you can check out the photography work I did in my portfolio. For now, time to jump into this episode's installment of souvenir snaps ❣️ So that's … Continue reading souvenir snaps – from avengers exhibition, with love


souvenir snaps – 22nd birthday

I'm slowly getting low-key addicted to disposable film photography. I know it's probably just a phase, but there's something amazing about having these memories immortalised.

souvenir snaps – Christmas 2017

the next time I bought a film camera was almost six months later, in December. I bought it with my colleague at the time, PQ, who was a film photography enthusiast and one of the people I grew a bit closer to in the office during my internship there. this roll documents various parties that … Continue reading souvenir snaps – Christmas 2017

no help/it’s okay

there's a "this could be you" signboard on every ambulance that goes by   sirens blaring, slicing through the traffic, sharp edge of the scissors hanging in the balance   every loud bang sounds like what it would be like to hit the pavement   I'm sorry, mummy, I can't help these thoughts creeping   … Continue reading no help/it’s okay

Strange Shopping Spree – A Fashion Film

Sharing one of the projects I did this past semester! We had to create a fashion film for our fashion styling module - everything was up to us, so it was really freeing to do and a lot of fun! This fashion film is centered around our main character, an alien girl, having her first … Continue reading Strange Shopping Spree – A Fashion Film


This article is inspired (as I often am) by Man Repeller's piece, "Menocore is the New Normcore, and It’s a Lot More Comfortable". Menocore is defined as such: Like normcore, menocore isn’t tied to a particular designer or brand, but unlike normore, it doesn’t have an obvious uniform — no boxy jeans + turtleneck + clogs … Continue reading Menocore