Strange Shopping Spree – A Fashion Film

Sharing one of the projects I did this past semester! We had to create a fashion film for our fashion styling module – everything was up to us, so it was really freeing to do and a lot of fun!

This fashion film is centered around our main character, an alien girl, having her first glimpse of Earth through the premise of a supermarket. She explores the supermarket in all its variety and discovers what she likes and dislikes about Earth through what it provides, from daily necessities, to sweet treats, to sinful junk food.

We dressed her in colour blocking styles to illustrate how she is a blank slate when viewing the surroundings around her. We also chose a colour palette made up solely of primary colours to represent how she is a clean slate and not socialised to our world, i.e. Earth. The plain colours and colour blocking worked together to set her apart from the brightly patterned background of the supermarket.


Model: Chloe Lee

Videographer: Joelle Cecilia Quek, Kimberly Kiong

Assistants: Fatima Chaudry, Pearly Cheah

Special thanks for Giant Supermarket for allowing us to use their store as a filming location!


My Internship At Access Communications

Back in May, over the summer break, I got myself an internship at local boutique PR agency, Access Communications. They specialise in fashion PR and handle a number of big accounts, most notably Fendi. My internship lasted 3 months and it was such a great learning journey.

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Redefining The Future of Shopping

An essay I wrote for my Zalora scholarship entry. It’s been a few months so I thought I’d post it up. I’m gonna update this space soon! Been neglecting it for way too long and I have so much to write about.


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Is Fashion Superficial?

Fashion is superficial in the sense that writing is superficial. On the surface, what you see is what you get. But fashion is like using metaphors in writing. On the surface you can see what it means easily, but if you look deeper you can glean more meaning through further study and thought about it.