live fast dye young

“Sometimes I wish I had your- OW!”


“Sorry, sorry! You wish you had my what?” Chloe grunts as she tries again.


“Your hair. It’s so nice and smooth, and wavy,” Emma winced as the brush ran into another knot.


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Bragging Rights

“Hey babe,” Chloe calls sleepily from the doorway, “You coming to bed anytime soon?”


Emma’s hand runs through her dark curls, rubbing her face and pulling the thin wireframe glasses off, setting them on the desk. “Yeah, just give me a few more minutes.”


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Angels and Demons

“Chlo. I’m going down to Lava, do you want anything?” Emma grabbed the doorknob and pulled her olive bomber jacket from behind it.


“What’re you going there for? Em, you’re supposed to study with me this afternoon.” Chloe lay on the bed, her head dangling off the edge of the mattress, a pencil between her lips.


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