Aural Fixation: In Love With A Ghost

Hello I'm back! It's me! I'm alive.   I've been very busy - with finishing freshman year, starting internship, spending time with loved ones, etc. But I don't want to talk about that. I want to document my current obsession with this weird, off-kilter, impossible-to-sing-along artist I found awhile back but didn't really have the urge to … Continue reading Aural Fixation: In Love With A Ghost


Don’t Miss It: Tim De Cotta’s ‘The Warrior’ Album Launch

If you haven't heard of Tim De Cotta, you've been missing out. The full-time musician and self-described "musical activist" has been making waves in the local music scene for years. He's the man behind the amazing Getai Electronica and Lepark Sessions, both of which took place at the popular Lepark, at the rooftop of People's … Continue reading Don’t Miss It: Tim De Cotta’s ‘The Warrior’ Album Launch


I've been obsessed with Hamilton since I listened to the soundtrack on Spotify last Tuesday! Obsessed. I'll talk about it to anyone who listens, the songs play in my head all the time, and I followed about 20 Hamilton-themed Tumblrs already. I never thought I'd be into it, but I teared up watching their performance at the Tonys. … Continue reading Hamilton


-Can you tell I'm slowly bringing this space up to date with my actual life?-   I dragged my friends Cheryl and Stefanie with me to Rail Collidoscope. It was hot, sweaty, and hard to find, but there was free free-flow alcohol and it was all worth it.   Rail Collidoscope was an event planned to … Continue reading #RailCollidoscope

Letters To Ubin EP Launch

Hey! I'm back from my impromptu busyness-induced hiatus to bring you some updates on my life. Check out this thing I wrote for styleXstyle for one of my favourite local artists! iNCH by iNCH Local indie-pop singer-songwriter Inch Chua launches her EP this Thursday.  Cool, huh? It was so much fun writing and researching it!   I … Continue reading Letters To Ubin EP Launch