souvenir snaps – 22nd birthday/valentine’s day

I'm slowly getting low-key addicted to disposable film photography. I know it's probably just a phase, but there's something amazing about having these memories immortalised.


souvenir snaps – Christmas 2017

the next time I bought a film camera was almost six months later, in December. I bought it with my colleague at the time, PQ, who was a film photography enthusiast and one of the people I grew a bit closer to in the office during my internship there. this roll documents various parties that … Continue reading souvenir snaps – Christmas 2017


This article is inspired (as I often am) by Man Repeller's piece, "Menocore is the New Normcore, and It’s a Lot More Comfortable". Menocore is defined as such: Like normcore, menocore isn’t tied to a particular designer or brand, but unlike normore, it doesn’t have an obvious uniform — no boxy jeans + turtleneck + clogs … Continue reading Menocore

Art After Dark 2017

Attended this year's Art After Dark at Gillman Barracks with my LaSalle friend Carmen! It took place on Friday the 13th 😱 Here's Carmen with some art. We saw a lot of exhibitions and installations. One that stuck in my mind was an installation where was a jungle gym set up and dancers were just … Continue reading Art After Dark 2017