A World Away

“Just give me a minute out here.” He stood guard out on the balcony of their third-story apartment, looking out at the city. He seemed to be hardly breathing, his shoulders tense, his body stock-still. “Hey. What’re you doing out here?” He turned at the sound of her voice, gazing at her over his shoulder. … Continue reading A World Away


the day after

Things to do today: 1) Breathe in. 2) Breathe out. —        Ned Vizzini, It’s Kind of a Funny Story   Breathe in. Sara opens her eyes. She’s in bed, the covers pulled up to beneath her eyes. Her face feels tight, swollen. The room is bright, too bright. She rolls her eyes and turns … Continue reading the day after


“Our lost future comes to find me every night. It kicks down my door and suffocates me into unconsciousness. All I can do is await the day that I forget about those glorious potentialities corrupted by their impossibility.” --- blue-bound-notebook   Jack. A shapeless lump by the coastline. Shuddering and curled up into himself. Black and … Continue reading Jack

live fast dye young

“Sometimes I wish I had your- OW!”   “Sorry, sorry! You wish you had my what?” Chloe grunts as she tries again.   “Your hair. It’s so nice and smooth, and wavy,” Emma winced as the brush ran into another knot.   “My hair’s thin. I wish I had your volume.” Chloe’s slender form hovers … Continue reading live fast dye young


scintilla /sɪnˈtɪlə/ noun a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling.   “When do you start?”   “August.”   He sighed. Purposely avoiding eye contact with her, he sipped his coffee. Her eyes dropped to stare at the wood of the table and her fretful fidgeting fingers.   “Look, I won’t be … Continue reading Scintilla


The room is smoky.   He toys with the cigarette between his long, elegant fingers, eyes drifting aimlessly. It’s late in the afternoon and we’re sitting in a parlour in town. The room is small, furnished with dark wood, chandeliers, and a high ceiling. I worry the carpet beneath my feet.   His eyes settle … Continue reading Charming