/ˈkwɜr ki til/


a painfully average girl who loves writing, music, and fashion.

Quirky, independent tea-lover Joelle is a curious breed – often found at home in bed strumming a guitar, ukulele or playing the piano and singing at the top of her lungs. She feels completely at home whether she’s head-banging at a concert or chilling at home with a good book.

Her sartorial thirst for knowledge leads her to spend copious amounts of time reading about fashion history and events, blogging about her own fashion journey, and browsing online shops. She even frequently manages to style and pull them off successfully… or so she’s been told.

She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Resting B**** Face Syndrome, and would like to spend her retirement years working at the library, post office, or one of those bowling alley food stands.

Send pizza, pasta, prata and/or baked goods if you’re interested in being friends. Throw in generous servings of Thai iced milk tea if you’d like to be a Friend.


Click here for my resume & portfolio.

P.S. drop me a line at joceciliaq@gmail.com if you’d like to work together!