Top Trends from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is over and I’ve got the trends to prove it. Below, my favourite trends to rock, thanks to the streets.


The style set in Sydney made their choice – and they’ve gone back to the classics. Sneakers in every colour and style were trending at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, and I couldn’t be happier. These comfy kicks are versatile and hardy – definitely a worthy (and affordable!) purchase.

Statement Accessories

Jewels or it didn’t happen. Can you even say you were at Fashion Week if your limbs and lobes weren’t covered in every accessory imaginable? That seemed to be the mantra for the attendees of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia this year. Everywhere you turned, glitz and glam glinted at you from every style star worth their weight. Definitely a hot trend!


This ostentatious early-2000s trend is back, but in a classy way. Bally, Chanel, Dior, Off-White, and Gucci were spotted on the waists and arms of street style stars at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

White Out

All white was the way to go for many fashionistas at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Most of them went for white dressed, with the addition of unique accessories bringing some edge to this otherwise dainty trend.

Rust Red

On the other end of the spectrum, statement red dresses were all the rage. They sold out – making this a definite trend in my book. The eye-catching frocks are sure to guarantee attention; keep your accessorising to a minimum.


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4 thoughts on “Top Trends from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017

  1. Really love everything about the final photo in the statement assecory section. Also, find it interesting the pics in white out all feature a dark sock/shoe combo. That is something I always veer away from when I wear light colors for fear of weighing my look down, but I really like these!

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