Aural Fixation: In Love With A Ghost

Hello I’m back! It’s me! I’m alive.


I’ve been very busy – with finishing freshman year, starting internship, spending time with loved ones, etc. But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to document my current obsession with this weird, off-kilter, impossible-to-sing-along artist I found awhile back but didn’t really have the urge to write about.


In Love With A Ghost.


Despite all appearances, this artist actually comes from Paris, France. (I say despite because I thought it was Japanese, partly because of the music and partly because of the anime-ish video graphics.)


I found them through YouTube, actually, so I can’t really take all the credit for this discovery.


But then again, who can take credit for any discovery, really?


I actually referenced them in a few on my Instagram posts.


heavy on that i.l.w.a.g high

A post shared by joelle cecilia (@therealquirkyteal) on


I say referenced because I don’t really know how to talk about them.


gotta love that japanese aesthetic / 🎶: @lvghstmusic #inlovewithaghost

A post shared by joelle cecilia (@therealquirkyteal) on


Just listen to them and appreciate it. If it’s your cup of tea, great. If it’s not… no h8.



Peace out. ✌🏻


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