Don’t Miss It: Tim De Cotta’s ‘The Warrior’ Album Launch

If you haven’t heard of Tim De Cotta, you’ve been missing out. The full-time musician and self-described “musical activist” has been making waves in the local music scene for years.

He’s the man behind the amazing Getai Electronica and Lepark Sessions, both of which took place at the popular Lepark, at the rooftop of People’s Park Complex.

Shot by Henzy David.

Tim received his first bass guitar on his 17th birthday, a gift from his family. “For the kind of music I like — funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop and jazz — the bass is star!” But his love affair with the instrument actually began 3 years prior, when he purchased his first Jamiroquai CD.

Tim’s beginnings in the local music circle started with the now-defunct band, SIXX, an exciting 9-piece band that delivers a sound best described as bridging the new electronic rock & Hip Hop while paying homage to funk & soul of the 70s.

After leaving SIXX four years ago, Tim’s been hard at work building his own body of work under his name. He’s been playing live with his band, The Warriors, since their first gig at Mosaic Music Festival in 2013. Tim also plays bass for two other bands: an instrumental soul-fusion jazz trio – TAJ (an abbreviaton for The Astral Journey), they released their debut EP “The Astral Journey” in January 2015 – and a 4-piece jazz-hop-hop group called L.A.B.

The Warriors comprise of Tim De Cotta on bass & vocals, Audrey Tengkey on keyboards & synths, Teo Jia Rong on drums, Redwan Hamzah on guitar, Josiah Suthan on percussion, Vignesh Mohandasan on trumpet, and Bryan de Rozario on saxophone. Local R&B/Soul/Rock band, Astronauts, will be playing the opening set.

Artwork for ‘The Warrior’ by Dawn Tan (Aeropalmics)

“‘The Warrior’ is about being socially conscious, about seeing what’s “not-so-right” with the world today, its hierarchies, history and social constructs and moving on strongly despite or because of it. It’s about keeping true to yourself and not compromising on values or beliefs just to fit in and be liked. It’s about a protest to subtle injustices. It’s about going through love and emerging a stronger and better version of yourself. It’s about having dreams beyond yourself where the all the world is free territory to realize your dreams. But at the same time, it’s also about the demons, fear and barriers that lie within ourselves that keep us procrastinating on our destiny.” – Tim De Cotta via

The man is inspiring, a true dreamer with his feet planted firmly in the ground. The self-taught musician has played for artists the likes of Inch Chua, Michaela Therese and Charles Jedidiah, and now has an album launch looming ahead. Come this Saturday, 11th March 2017, Tim De Cotta X The Warriors will be playing at Studio Point for the launch of their album. A celebration of music and messages, The Warrior Album Launch commemorates Tim De Cotta’s much anticipated debut solo music release. See ya there!

Get the album on all major online stores on 10 March 2017. Contribute to the Indiegogo campaign here.

More details on the launch here. Tickets available via Peatix.

Cover art shot by Henzy David, taken from Instagram.

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