Singapore Fashion Week 2016

Perks of being in fashion school: you might get a chance to go to Fashion Week!


Thanks to my uncle, I got the opportunity to attend the Ong Shunmugam show. It was so amazing to actually be sitting front row at a show where I knew the designer and her work. The atmosphere was not how I imagined it would be – it was less cool chic and more warm socialising. I spotted a bunch of famous faces, like Buro 24/7 Contributing Editor Tracy Joy Phillips, actress Tan Kheng Hua, and local designer Louis Koh, of Reckless Ericka.


I also attended another show courtesy of LASALLE – Rico Rinaldi SS17. I went with the other students from my course and made a few new acquaintances, and had a lot of fun.


After watching these two shows, I feel like I can never watch a runway show online again without feeling an insatiable need to feel what the show was like. It really is a whole other level being there to experience the clothes firsthand. A lot of details present themselves during the show that make it come alive, and they are rarely translated well into photos. Things like the movement of the material, the model’s walk, the reaction of the guests at the show – none of these come through when you’re just clicking through a slideshow. Although thanks to technology, maybe we’ll see a future where we can experience a fashion show from the comfort of our beds.




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