Perks of studying in art/fashion school: Halloween is an OCCASION!


I love dressing up and I love Halloween, and this year I was slightly anxious (what with going to a new school and all that) regarding how my new classmates would see Halloween. In the end, we were given as assignment (including time in class) to make costumes to wear for Halloween! Our styling teacher did it as well and on the Friday before the actual day, we all turned up to school dressed like various characters, from Moaning Myrtle, to Batman’s Joker, to a failed report card.

we looked BOOtiful today 👻👻👻

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Fatima dressed as Valak from The Conjuring and won the costume competition, hands-down.


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I dressed up as a wind-up doll, complete with a key in the back that I made in class.

So much fun.




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