One Month In.

Hello. It’s been awhile!

I’m a little more than one month into my first year at LASALLE College of the Arts now, and as I’m writing this, I’m taking a break from collecting tearsheets for Fashion Photography class.

Art school has been fun. I don’t mean fun as in the “delirious, heart-racing, candy floss and carnival rides” kind of fun. Every day has been a new experience of gaining new knowledge, learning new skills, honing said skills, and expanding my mindset. Sure, it’s been tiring and scary and stressful, but I still go to school wanting to actually, well,  go.

I spend most days in a place filled with music, dance, painting, sculptures, and a lot of other art forms I haven’t glimpsed. I feel allowed, encouraged even, to express my views and opinions. The old classroom anxiety is still there, but hearing my classmates speak up is… new. And reassuring.

It might just be that I’m seeing school from a different perspective now, but the teachers actually seem like they want to teach you and make you better, instead of simply following a curriculum and achieving an end goal, i.e. tests/exams/graduation. But I might be singing a different tune in a months’ time.

Studying something I love and am interested in a great, but all that creativity means I have little to nothing left for my own writing. I don’t know how I feel about that just yet.

Goodbye for now! I’ll write when I can.


P.S. the header photo is my class, from last week when we had to come to school dressed as various subcultures. Can you guess them all?


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