My Inspirations: Beauty YouTubers

Is this going to be a new series? Hmm. Anyway. The second installment of my Inspirations collection: Beauty YouTubers.  I don’t watch many, so here are four of my current favourites.


Mykie is the first beauty youtuber I’ve really gone crazy for, I think. She and her boyfriend made headlines when they released fanart of the Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. A lot of people thought their photo was a ‘leaked’ illustration, but it wasn’t!

Wanna know how I got these tattoos?🃏 ⠀ Chase and I made this fun fan art surrounding all the new picture releases of Suicide Squad characters, including Harley Quinn and the joker! Chase did an amazing job editing it to make it fit into the world of the original shot of Jared Leto's Joker (pictured left). AND a tutorial on Harley Quinn's makeup is on YouTube NOW! ▶️ I talk about the process of this picture in the video as well ☺️ The link is in my bio! ⠀ ⠀ *Please no one get uppity about credit in the "leaked" photo posts- we're happy it could stir up some conversation for a day! 🙂 * Special thanks to our friend @ambiguous_k for posing as our joker in the shoot and @nero_sct for letting us borrow his tattoo gun!

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The quality was amazing, though, and I did some digging and found her channel. I probably spent, like, two weeks watching all her videos (all the ones I could stomach, at least). It’s surprising because I’m usually someone who can’t withstand gore, or violence, or anything really graphic. But her DIY approach to the genre, as well as her recreations of popular characters really drew me in and encouraged me to experiment with my own looks. (Obviously, I didn’t take it to her extreme.)

Jackie Wyers

I found Jackie’s channel after watching the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. At first, I thought she was one of the Angels – she is so pretty and she has that girl-next-door meets glam-goddess vibe about her! She recreated the beauty look Candice Swanepoel had during the show – she totally rocked it and looked so gorgeous. She also did some Gossip Girl-inspired makeup looks (here, here, and here), which totally brought me back to the days when I was obsessed with GG. I immediately subscribed and binge-watched almost all her videos. She sings, too!


Haley is goofy, beautiful, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I first noticed her on Facebook, actually, through one of those mini-makeup tutorial montages. She’s entertaining to watch and you can tell that she really has fun. I only found her this year but it’s been so fun, so far! She does picture-perfect tutorials for formal, everyday, and playful makeup looks, and she’s currently in the running for NYX Cosmetic’s Face Awards.


McKenna is flower child goals to me. Her aesthetic is the epitome of a pale blog on tumblr. She does videos ranging from makeup and DIY tutorials, to spirituality and her earnestly-vocalised innermost thoughts. She’s definitely not a typical YouTuber, and she’s fiercely individual, which I strongly admire.


Hope you enjoyed reading my fangirling so far. Leave a comment with your favourite beauty inspirations!


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