Bragging Rights

“Hey babe,” Chloe calls sleepily from the doorway, “You coming to bed anytime soon?”


Emma’s hand runs through her dark curls, rubbing her face and pulling the thin wireframe glasses off, setting them on the desk. “Yeah, just give me a few more minutes.”


Chloe yawns and blinks tiredly, padding over to Emma’s hunched-over form. Slipping her bare arms over strained shoulders, Chloe nestles her head next to Emma’s and sighs contentedly. Her fair strands fall over Emma’s shoulder, and she smells like shampoo and home. Her loose tank top and shorts flutter in the slight breeze and she turns her head to kiss down the side of Emma’s neck.


Tumbling into bed, Emma’s fingers fumble their way underneath the baby blue silk. Sighs and gasps escape parted lips as her hands map the contours of the delicate body beneath her. Kisses are planted and plush lips meet soft skin reverently. They don’t take it very far, but that wasn’t the point anyway.


Chloe falls asleep first. Emma’s phone is buzzing incessantly – her friends have been blowing up the group chat. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply.


D: It’s okay. What were you doing anyway


P: yeah what was more important than us, your buddies, your friends


Emma rolls her eyes.


E: don’t be rude. I was with Chloe










P: wow so now ur girlfriend is more worthy of your time than us


P: us, your pals. your squad. wow.


E: shut up


E: she’s awesome


E: just now when i was rushing that stupid report she waited for me to go to bed together


E: and she bought me coffee for tonight


E: whens the last time any of you idiots bought me coffee


D: ok ok ur girlfriend is gr8 pls shut up now


P: it’s too late


E: what do u mean


E: it’s never too late


E: don’t give up hope guys


E: you’ll find love someday


E: love like me and chloe


Emma’s furious typing is interrupted by a soft chuckle from over her shoulder. She turns and notices Chloe peering over shoulder, reading the chat conversation and struggling to hold in her laughter.




“What are you doing?”


“Talking to my friends?” A confused crease forms between her thick eyebrows.


“You’re bragging.”


A cocky smirk appears.


“Of course.”

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