Angels and Demons

“Chlo. I’m going down to Lava, do you want anything?” Emma grabbed the doorknob and pulled her olive bomber jacket from behind it.


“What’re you going there for? Em, you’re supposed to study with me this afternoon.” Chloe lay on the bed, her head dangling off the edge of the mattress, a pencil between her lips.


“I’m falling asleep, doll. I haven’t had coffee yet today,” Emma sighed. Chloe’s fair hair looked so good against the ebony sheets. Emma pushed her arms into the sleeves, fluffed her raven curls free, and grabbed her bright turquoise backpack.


“Don’t lie, buttercup. There was one in your hand when you walked into the lecture hall this morning, and you finished another after lunch, like, two hours ago.” the blonde frowned, but it didn’t look very reprimanding upside-down.


Emma huffed, stifling a yawn. “So I take it you don’t want anything?”


Chloe sighed. “I guess if I can’t beat them, I might as well join them.” She rolled over and reached for her pencilcase. “Let’s just take our study session to Lava. It’ll save more time in the long run, right, brownie?” she winked. Emma rolled her eyes.


They swept through the room like a yin-and-yang whirlwind, gathering textbooks, papers, and stationery. Emma held the door and Chloe’s denim jacket as said girl bustled past her, mumbling her thanks and trying to stuff her pack of multi-coloured highlighters into her bookbag.


“Gem… I think I forgot my card.” Chloe stopped dead in the street and stared at Emma, stricken.


“Hmm? What card?” Emma continued walking, eyes glued to the screen of her iPhone, oblivious to Chloe’s growing desperation.


“My Lava card! I’m two dollars away from the silver upgrade, and if I don’t get it by today I’ll have to start over. It’s the last Friday of the month!” Emma paused and surveyed the blonde’s wide brown eyes and downturned mouth. Her own icy blue pupils shifted from side to side as she debated the options.


“It’s okay. I’ll help you get that upgrade next month. Now let’s go, cheesecake, or we won’t get a table,” she said coolly, turning on her heel and continuing towards Lava Java Café briskly.


“Hermione, please!” Chloe called desperately, dropping her bag by her feet in despair. “I wanted to get it on my own…”


Emma hears the thud and sighed in defeat. She picked up the brown canvas bag, grunting at its weight, and pursed her red lacquered lips. She squinched her nose in thought for a second, then tapped out a series of texts:




I’m goin to Lava first.

meet ya there.


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