Last week, I embarked on my first trip overseas with my friends! We went to Bangkok for four days, three nights, and it was so fun.

Firstly, big thanks to Ashley and Yun Rong for actually booking the flights and rooms. Otherwise, we probably would have paid a lot more and had a much more uncomfortable stay. We flew Jetstar and stayed at Arnoma Grand Hotel. The hotel is really nice, like a place my parents would book for the family, maybe.


We spent most our time eating and shopping – with the exception of Stef’s must-do, a visit to Wat Pho Temple! Check out the videos below that both Stef and I made of our trip:

Here are some (most) of the (very few) pictures I took, during the rare times I wasn’t taking videos.

P_20160426_132433 copy

This cute AF heaven in a pan is called a PANOOKIE and it is delicious and vvv sinful


Honey french toast from After You cafe in Central World Mall: 10/10

P_20160426_175443_1_BF_p copy

I only have one decent selfie and it’s with the colossal embarrassment in a v pretty shell called Ashley

P_20160426_182930 copy

Spotted this building from the ferry. It looks like some sort of glitch in our world. Is anything real… IS IT DISINTEGRATING?!


The cabaret experience at Calypso.

P_20160426_221537 copy

Yunbae’s hair was cute n luscious 😘

P_20160427_002144 copy

Bought this dress at the morning market and wore it a few hours later. I look hella good in it.

P_20160428_092627 copy

Finally got my paws on this tome!


Hope you enjoyed the videos – next week’s interesting too because I’M GRADUATING!



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