National Gallery + Riverside Flow

Day out with Rong at National Gallery and Clarke Quay 😊

We decided to head down to National Gallery, because Ashley was there running a photobooth, and who says no to free polaroids?! The way it worked was we had to take some photos, post them on Instagram with a certain hashtag and it would be printed out instantly! It was kind of like the one at YoungHungryFree’s #RAVEWITHYHF event.


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thanks for being a pal ❤ here's to more gr9 days together 💎 📷: @pekyj

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After we left the National Gallery, I dragged Yun Rong with me to go check out Riverside Flow, which was a mini-festival made up entirely of local acts, and organised by Getai Group and Noise Singapore. It incorporated music, street art and dance and it was so cool to just walk around the Clarke Quay area and discover all these acts just doing their thing. The sunset was also peak #aesthetic.


We had dinner at Brewerkz (they have amazing food and drinks, though it’s a bit on the pricey side, but we had a great time) and caught a few more acts (including .gif!) before heading home.


This is my last post before #NOMOREEXAMS heads off to Bangkok for our grad trip! I’m so excited.



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