Singapore Art Museum + Joanna’s Birthday

Heya! I’ve been on a real museum roll recently. I just feel like such a tourist in my own country sometimes, so when I get the chance I love going to touristy sites in Singapore and dragging friends with me so we can explore new places. Who says adventure has to be grand?

So on April 4, Monday, Rong and I met up at Singapore Art Museum before we were due to meet up with the rest of #NOMOREEXAMS for dinner. (More about that later.) The haze was out in semi-full-force, so it was a relief that the museum is air-conditioned. It also has hella good lighting, and a cute old-timey photobooth!! It’s there as part of an exhibition, though, so I’m not sure if it’s still there. If it is, do go check it out! It’s quite fun and quaint. We also matched outfits, because we realised in the past that we actually owned quite a few similar pieces in our respective wardrobes, so instead of always saying “hey! I have that thing in a different colour too!”, this time, we bought these tops during a separate outing as sort of a half-joke (because they’re versatile and cute) and agreed to wear them together.

P_20160331_175003-01IMG_20160331_182104-01 IMG_20160331_182004-01 IMG_20160331_182108-01-01 sam-collage IMG_20160331_182126-01 IMG_20160331_182130-02

We also went into the exhibition and walked around for a bit. It was about Singapore’s heritage and values. There were some activities, and the installations themselves were pretty fascinating – especially this one room that had a giant tapestry of plastic squares with dots of blood!

IMG_20160331_190404-01 IMG_20160331_190353-01 IMG_20160331_190402-02

Now, I know we met up earlier, but we sort of overestimated ourselves and ended up being the last ones to reach the restaurant later that night. We got ragged by the rest about it for awhile when we joined them in the queue, but it quickly passed. We had a really nice meal at a Korean restaurant in ION Orchard as a belated birthday dinner for Joanna, and it was just a nice time catching up with everyone (sans Cheryl, who incidentally was in Korea. Jokes.)

A recreation of our first group photo as #NOMOREEXAMS.


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