what’s wrong? my soul
is in agony-
is struggling against its prison-
is in turbulence;
did my soul mate die-
I wonder…
I believe in soulmates.

my being is whole,
my being, however, is not-
it seems something terrible is happening
somewhere I can’t see;
I don’t know myself all that well,
I’m not as wise as you once told me I’d be.
I’m not the person I ought to be:
I feel this like a bee feels its sting
I’m sad, but so much more
I hope I’m not being ungrateful
I owe everything to my mother.

the last time this happened was two years ago
I’m a different person now,
but the feelings are the same.
the thoughts are the same, too:
maybe there’s more than one soul mate out there for me.
if so, what do they need satisfied?
why does my mind keep screaming
“he’s dead!”?


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writer/stylist/dreamer sophomore | lasalle college of the arts

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