-Can you tell I’m slowly bringing this space up to date with my actual life?-


I dragged my friends Cheryl and Stefanie with me to Rail Collidoscope. It was hot, sweaty, and hard to find, but there was free free-flow alcohol and it was all worth it.


Rail Collidoscope was an event planned to say goodbye to the Rail Corridor Art Space before it closes temporarily for upgrading works! It featured entirely local talents, from music (JAWN, Joie Tan, Jaime Wong, Darren Dubwise, Intriguant), art (curated by street art crew RSCLS), and F&B (Kerbside Gourmet, Munch Munch, Kwirk Belgium Wheat Beer). The whole event was organised by Noise Singapore and Lush 99.5FM, and lasted from noon to 6PM.


The Rail Corridor Art Space is accessible from Holland Drive Blk 44’s carpark. However, being the directionless mainstream fools we are, we spent about 20 minutes wandering around Holland Drive market, asking a few clueless aunties, and climbed halfway up the overhead bridge, before FINALLY spotting the entrance from the bridge! (I led the way and literally SCREAMED when I saw the food trucks.)


I gotta admit, the struggle to get there was worth it when we got our free beer. We got carded (HAHAHA), complete with the suspicious stare, but we passed. The beer was good.


My first experience with beer was terrible – it was bitter and, according to Yun Rong, tasted like “horse piss”, an opinion she holds to this day.


So I was a little skeptical this time, and I even asked Stef if she would be willing to finish my beer if I didn’t like it. I finished mine though! It was amazing. It was also on an empty stomach, because… I kind of woke up late and didn’t have time to eat or drink anything before I left the house. As a result I got a little bit tipsy. At 2 in the afternoon. The beer was good though. I highly recommend it.


We got there just in time to catch Jon play!




Photo by Stef. How she made my judgy face look borderline decent, I’ll never know.



Photo by Stef.


Photo by Stef. Check out that awkward chicken arm-clutch/grip.

P_20160319_142308_1_BF_p-01 P_20160319_142559_1_BF_p-01

Flower children?


We hung around a little while longer to check out the art, before going back/running to Holland Village MRT to try Park, a restaurant Cheryl recommended. (We were so starving.) Lunch was really good! Didn’t manage to get any photos, thanks to us devouring everything as soon as it was set down.


After lunch, we met up with Ashley, Stef’s boyfriend, and went to Orchard Cineleisure to check out the sale going on at LeftFoot that I’d stumbled upon whilst out the previous day with Joanna. (I bought a pair of Miistas for $80 when the original price was $299. yooo.) They ended up not buying anything, but the prices were really really good.


We also checked out Naiise! The store at Orchard Gateway is deceptively huge. I spotted these clear frames reeking of Bertie Gilbert vibes:



So that was my Saturday! Thanks for reading. (‘:



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P.S. a gem from my Snapchat story that day.



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