CNY 2016


Day 1

I took some stellar selfies in the morning:

today I am a French girl from the 60's (feat. my broken lip :/ ) #nofilter #selfie

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I’m wearing a hat I borrowed from my sister. It totally matches, but it was too hot to wear out.

🐵🍊恭喜发财🍊🐵 #ootd #vscocam #styleXstyle #styleXCNY 📷: @angizach

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Outfit of the day! I had actually been looking at this dress for months, and initially wanted the one in white, but it didn’t come in my size. Finally, I got the peach one because it was just too pretty to pass up!

🐒 the 郭 family monkeying around 🐒

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My wacky family. (:


Day 2

More selfies 😀 I’m beginning to get the selfie technique now… finally:

No lippie! Went for a more neutral look, and also I don’t fare well with nude lipsticks, I haven’t found that HG (Holy Grail) one that makes me look like a bombshell )’:

Where In The World Is Joelle's Left Leg? #ootd #styleXCNY 📷: @angizach

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First time wearing something strapless in a looong time… In hindsight I’m really lucky I didn’t spend my whole day in a constant state of stress.


TBH that’s all the new outfits I had to wear. My lovely dress I’d ordered last year from ASOS had yet to arrive. It was eventually replaced and is on its way – the rest of the order was refunded. ): Festive traffic is a bummer.


See ya in the next post.


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