Turning 20 turned out to be a way better day than I ever expected.

I had work, so I didn’t expect much to happen. But in the morning, Sharon (my boss) gave me these beautiful bracelets!

They’re from a Korean brand: Salut de miel. It’s a small but growing company.

We then headed out at about 12:30 for food tasting at the new Style By Style VIBES cafe, in the new MediaCorp campus.

We then left at around 3.30pm for another meeting at Karafuru, where we tasted a huge range of Japanese desserts and drinks.

Dawn made a video, check it out here!

We left Karafuru at around 4.30pm for a fitting session with Jamie Teo and Sheila Sim, for our upcoming campaign with Warehouse.

The fitting session ended at 6pm, and we had a short meeting before leaving at 6.30pm. I went to meet up with my family for dinner at Kkongdon BBQ, in Djitsun Mall. (It wasn’t good ): )

Joanna had been texting me the whole day about wanting to surprise me with a cake alone because the rest of the group couldn’t make it, so when she texted me that she was outside, I walked out of the mall to get her… only to see four of them yelling the happy birthday song. I nearly cried!

1 (1)

Ashley gave me Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.

After that we went back to my house ( ;)))) ) to cut and eat the cake then we went to hang out for a bit before going home!

All in all it was a way better birthday than I expected. I felt really bad for abandoning my family for my friends, even though my mum said it was okay. But don’t all mums say that…? ):



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