My MBTI Profile 2016

I recently re-took the MBTI profile test again (I took it last year too) and my personality profile changed! It’s normal for slight changes to take place as one grows and progresses, but this time the change took me by surprise.

Last year, I was an ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving). I thought it suited me well, because I had been taken advantage of by some people (not in really bad ways, but more of doing lots of small favours for people…). It’s a disadvantage of ENFPs, but I didn’t mind as much because it wasn’t much of a hassle for me.

This year, however, something must have happened in my subconscious, because now I’m an INFJ! I’ve kept my Intuitive and Feeling traits, but I’m more introverted and judgemental now. I guess it’s because I learnt to stay back and withhold my friendliness till I’ve discerned that someone is worth being nice to. Some people just aren’t. I can’t remember what my full personality code was for last year, but for this year, mine is INFJ-T!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.13.03 PM

Wow. They’re all so extreme.

As the rarest type in the population, INFJs tend have very contradicting personality traits such as wanting to be noticed but hating attention, or having a logically oriented mindset but disregarding logic in situations where their intuition tells them something different. A difficulty many INFJs struggle with is balancing their contrasting personas. Highly perceptive of people’s feelings, INFJS are very attentive and empathetic listeners who enjoy helping others realize their potential.


I believe the past few months actually served to build my sense of self-awareness and self-worth, as although my personality profile this year seems a bit harsher than last year’s, I think it’s more mature and mellow. I also think I’m more comfortable with myself now, I’m better at being alone and doing things by myself that I wouldn’t have before. (I nearly typed ‘meself’ and ventured into pirate territory there.)

Anyway! I just wanted to share this here, for future me. You can take the personality profiling thingy here. What’s your personality type? Do you think it fits? (Or are you one of those people who doesn’t care about personality quizzes, like star signs and love compatibilities?) Let’s talk below!


3 thoughts on “My MBTI Profile 2016

  1. Thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m ENTJ-T, which sounds about right. I don’t always put a lot of stock into things like this, but am always surprised when they’re accurate. Maybe I should pay more attention to them. Interesting.

  2. I’ve always been an ISTJ but took the test again this week and came out as an INFJ. So interesting as we grow and love the self-awareness MBTI can bring.

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