#quirkytealXintern: Internet Slang To Leave Behind In 2015

You know what they say! It ain’t the new year till you’re fat and rich! (No one says that, don’t quote me.)

Hey! Happy New Year! It doesn’t really feel like a new year yet for me, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because Chinese New Year isn’t here yet.

Amongst other things I’ve done so far this year, one thing has stood out: I’ve been given my own column on styleXstyle.com! It’s secretly called Internelle, a portmanteau of Internet and my name, and a there’s a pun because I’m the intern, but it doesn’t really need a name, so no one knows that. Read it here.

Some behind-the-scenes E X C L U S I V E I N F O! This was my Google Docs brainstorming process/initial draft for the piece:

Internet slang to leave behind in 2015

  1. on fleek (fleek flak paddywhack)
  2. squad goals (any kind of goals, really)
  3. netflix and chill (LIES)
  4. thirsty (see: debby ryan’s vine)
  5. basic (omg, pumpkin spice latteeeeeeees)
  6. i can’t (and all its derivatives: i literally can’t, i can’t even)
  7. doe (why do you massacre the english language like this)
  8. winning (charlie sheen had an actual problem so this is now disrespectful)
  9. turnt up (responsibility is cool, y’all)

+ GIFs, memes, and numerous references to pop culture. I still can’t believe they actually let me publish my ramblings.

Curious about how it turned out? Read it here!


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3 thoughts on “#quirkytealXintern: Internet Slang To Leave Behind In 2015

  1. What’s bad is I use this slang mostly just to drive my teenage daughter crazy & annoy her, but then it seeps into my regular dialogue. Next thing you know a group of 30 y/o ladies are using it & you KNOW it’s time to hang it up.

      1. We pretty much use everything on the list except doe & winning. Right now our big thing is “af” & variations of better than you. Like “my squads better(cooler,cuter,funnier,etc) than yours.” And yes I do tell her my friends are better than her friends. We have a great relationship, for real.

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