it’s not the claws around my throat

it’s my claws around my chest

slithering their way under my skin

into my ribcage

just waiting to squeeze my heart dead


it’s the tears flowing down my face

and just when i think it’s over

it starts again

hot hot hot water down my cheeks

it seems like it’ll never end

I can’t see an end

it’s not a tunnel

it’s a dead end

i don’t know what to do with myself


it’s a trembling jaw and shaking hands

sweat down my chest and frantic typing so i don’t go insane

it’s listening to noise because it’s my head aloud

the shadows in the corners of the midnight room

they’re my friends now

‘make it easy, say I never mattered’

they’re sad but we’ll all be okay

one way or another

that’s what they say


to be honest

without them

I’d be dead


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