It is always, always, impossibly noisy whenever Sara and Nate decide to study together.


Sara likes punk music. Nate likes indie and folk music. Neither can study without music, and being the headstrong individuals their parents brought them up to be, neither is willing to compromise.


So, walk into one of their study sessions and you will be invariably bombarded – electric guitars and a full drum set on one end; acoustic strumming, violins and tambourines on the other. On the off chance they listen to music from the same speakers though, is when they’re listening to 90’s music.


Well, it’s not really 90’s music. It’s a playlist Sara made and Nate added to, made up of songs from the past ten years. They get very little done when it’s on, because they’re usually too busy dancing – rather, Sara’s ‘dancing’ and Nate is laughing. Sara doesn’t dance, per se – she jerks her shoulders up and down, and swings her legs almost dangerously quickly. A crazy smile creeps onto her face, and she whips her head from side to side, making her hair flare out and form a brown whirlwind around her tiny frame. It’s hilarious and frankly borderline scary to watch, and it gets Nate every time.


‘Hollaback Girl’ comes on and Gwen raps about touchdowns and pom-poms. Sara jumps to her feet from where they’ve been studying on the floor, and grabs Nate’s hands on her way up. He’s hauled to her feet and Sara plants her hands on his shoulders, forming a two-man conga line. She hollers and screams with laughter, and they circle the room in hysteria.


“B-A-N-A-N-A-S! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” They chant.


When the song ends they collapse on the floor, spent and breathless. The playlist is on shuffle, and they wait for the next track to sweep them along again.


They get very little done that day.




noun | ‘a-ter-“mwa-men

origin: French

distractions or hesitations leading to procrastination



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