you memories me



how we met / was unremarkable / now that I think of it we never did / say hi / we just somehow / became friends and now / I miss you so much / you’re so far away / and I mean on the other side of the world / a few hours’ difference away but / I still feel like I could / hop on a cab / and come find you / wherever you are


I wish I could relive / that day / when we ate / and talked / and walked / such a terrible lot / I wish someone told me / that that would be the last


I remember how we talked about / hypocrisy and music and / our lives / but not too much / I wish we talked too much


I remember the things you told me / about lessons you learnt / people you met / people you missed


And I wondered / if I would be one of them / the esteemed individuals / you would talk to another girl about


Another girl / a different girl / maybe not even a girl


It would be an honour



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