When you try to care, when you hold up your hands in front of you reaching out for a hug, when you are always there, remember some do not want it. And some will reject it. Always have armour, even medics have bullet proof vests. Your first-aid kit can be used for yourself. When you open your arms, and your heart and see them loading their guns with words like “I am in love with you, but I’m not yet ready” or “I care for you, but I still care for…” Remember to dodge that bullet. Retreat. The ground is slippery and full of mines. Do not back slide. I know your feet are strong enough to get away, you’ve been falling frequently, you know the taste of dirt and have calluses on your knees. Running away is easy. Settle down on your camp. Recuperate with friends. Live and see the good things with people who care about you. And if you ever meet that person who tried to shoot you. Remember the years of practicing, the years practicing to be the marksman you are now. Remember that you have a loaded gun. And “I am not a fool” and “I will not let this go on anymore” will pierce that person too. Keep reloading with the truth. And tell them I will not be collateral damage because of your insensitivity.

aaarviiin [Tumblr]


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