#Normcore Is Dead.

#Normcore is dead, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sure, the relative cost of being low-key and casual is way lower than, say, donning a pretty dress and heels (not to mention way more comfortable), but I never really understood the appeal of the stripped-down, basic, plain-and-simple concept of it all.

I’ve always rejoiced in the fanciness of dressing up. What’s the point in buying pretty clothes if all they were going to do was hang in your closet? What’s the point in going out shopping anyway, if you weren’t going to buy awesome things to wear, that made you feel awesome?

I’m not saying the plain white tee or the basic black blazer sucks. They’re closet staples and invaluable in anyone’s arsenal. But a whole outfit of nothing just seems so boring. So devoid of expression. So blank.

And so, I welcome the death of #normcore. I celebrate the entrance of flared jeans, Victorian blouses and gold boots on the runways. I revel in the street style snaps full of fur, feathers and bright prints. I bid a grateful farewell to the sneakers, ripped jeans and overall mood of purposeful effortlessness.

Then again, if you identify with #normcore, then you do you.


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