Erlebnisse: School/Work

Is it weird that my GPA doesn’t really matter to me anymore?

I know it’s a wild idea. Just hear me out.

It’s the work. and the learning. The score doesn’t matter. The grade is inconsequential. I’ve come to see school assignments as, well, work. (Especially after the disaster of my PR project.) The quality of the work turned in matters more to me than what grade I get, or how much my GPA is affected. Of course, when pressed for time, any self-respecting student would look at the weight of the assignments to allocate what limited time they have.

But through my two years in poly so far, I’ve come to view the work the lecturers give us as work – actual work, with actual clients (represented by our lecturers, but still). Taking the work seriously is not the same as taking school seriously, I feel; the focus when it’s schoolwork is on the grades, whereas when I started seeing it as work, I worked harder to make sure it was presentable and that I was proud of it.

Seeing assignments as work also made me realise that I really cannot jobs I don’t enjoy, because not only would I feel miserable, the end result would also be pretty pathetic. For example, no matter how hard I tried, I just don’t seem to be able to do well at radio. I’m so much better at scripting it than actually presenting a radio talk-show.

The one thing I can’t see as work, is exams. Sigh. I hope PR turns out decently.



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