#NOMOREEXAMS: February Babies’ Birthday Surprise

My motley group of friends known as #NOMOREEXAMS surprised Stef and I on Tuesday after our COMISS paper with cake and presents!


In hindsight, it was really smooth. We headed to Coffee Bean in school after the paper because it was “too noisy” and we were “blocking the way”. Yun Rong then asked me to accompany her to the toilet, and it ended up being Stef, Ashley, Rong and I in the loo for like, 15 minutes, because Ashley said she needed to do a number 2. (Which was just a foil to stall us from going back out and to give the rest more time.) I freaked out when Ashley came out and looked like she was going to leave when she hadn’t washed her hands like EW?!?! But later she told me that she just stood there in the cubicle just waiting for time to pass HAHA.


Anywayyy, when we came back out they started singing the birthday song, and at the end Stef got shocked because she thought the surprise was just for me but they added her name to the song too! Hahahahaha. We also happened to sit down at the correct places – chocolate cake for Stef, cheesecake for me 😌


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I got a lot of really practical stuff! A laptop case from Joanna, a planner, pens, letters, a jar full of handwritten notes from Cheryl, and cookies from Ashley.


We also finally took our #NOMOREEXAMS group picture before Stef had to leave! 😌

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All in all, thank you for the sweet letters and presents and all the planning that went into the surprise, even during hell week and exam period!!! 💕💕💕




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