Went to watch Andrew Lloyd Weber’s CATS last Thursday at the MBS Mastercard Theatres, courtesy of FMS!

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My seatmate, Deanny. 

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In the crowded foyer after the show.

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Group picture of #NOMOREEXAMS, sans Joanna but with the addition of Deanny. I sense a pattern forming.


I took this picture while we were trying to find our seats. Turns out someone took our seats, but their seats were taken by some other people already, so they didn’t have a choice.


Taken by Deanny!

Top by Uniqlo; Skirt by Tracyeinny; 1461 Womens Shoes by Dr. Martens; Bag by Mango Touch; Necklace by Supergurl


The show was underwhelming for the most part. The musical numbers felt dragged out, and the story wasn’t all that interesting. I found myself looking forward to intermission way too much, and I kept questioning if it was time for a break every time a song ended. However, in the second half, there was a bit of excitement – although it must have been a panic attack for the backstage crew and the cast. The microphone for the part of Rum Tum Tugger failed to function properly, and I speculated that it must’ve fallen through his costume somewhere, because we could hear sounds of it being dragged around and scratchy noises (I supposed it was from the material of his costume).


We were watching closely, and I was very impressed with how he handled it. He sang even louder, and although we still couldn’t hear him over the music (which was such a pity; it sounded like a great song), it was clear that he was trying very hard. He embodied professionalism and the mentality that ‘the show must go on’, and for that I applaud him. After that scene, though, the mic problem seemed to be fixed, and the crowd cheered as we heard his voice loud and clear once again. During the curtain call, whoops and shouts could be heard when he came out on stage.


All in all, my friends and I agreed that although it took a bit of perseverance, CATS is a good musical, and better in the second half than in the first.




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