Went to catch the opening night of Hossan Leong’s show, “Hossan-ah! Safe & Secure In His Leong Arms”!


It was my first time attending a local musical production, and I’m so glad for it to be Hossan Leong, because he’s someone I’ve known about since I was very young, and I’ve heard so many great things about him.


The show itself was chock-full of music and monologues about so many “uniquely Singaporean” things, but it was by no means cliché. He talked about SG50, the Pioneer Generation, and his own life and experiences. There was a segment about how our neighbourhood “aunties and uncles” are irreplaceable, and he brought up how there are some things that they do that can only be done by them ahem-coffeeshoporders-ahem. He also did a medley of some of the significant drama theme songs throughout the years, and even though I didn’t know many of them, it was amazing how he presented it. He literally embodied the eras and shows, changing costumes between each song to depict each show. It was so entertaining to watch – he clearly enjoyed himself, doing what he loves and seeing how the audience reacted.


I’m pleasantly surprised that I managed to catch the jokes that he made! It was such a local show, filled with colloquial terms and anecdotes that I was worried that I wouldn’t get it. But I did! Maybe I’m more Singaporean than I thought… If you told me two years ago that I would understand a Hossan Leong show, I would’ve laughed in your face! But I had a great time, thanks to my uncle Aldrin who took us along with him!


Local talent Kartik Kuna! He has a really nice voice (and mouth trumpet?! Is this a local artist thing?!) Hahaha. Props to him for having the courage to entertain opening night guests all alone out there! Some of us sat down to listen to him after the show, and I didn’t regret it. Hope I’ll see more of him around!


Was so excited to hear the tunes of Gareth Fernandez & The Momma Shop as well as Gentle Bones in the foyer while chatting to people!


Halfway through the show, during a musical bit, I had a revelation that I’d been neglecting Singapore theatre for quite a bit. Hossan showed me that local arts is alive and well, and can even be exciting!


So, I will definitely try to go for more local shows, now that my first experience turned out so well. (:



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