FMS UNCUT: Behind The Scenes

FMS UNCUT! was an FSV assignment and a part of Open House 2015. Guided tours by FMSAgents were allowed to come into the studio and witness firsthand how us students conducted our filming shoots. It was both really cool and pretty terrifying that there was a live audience there, because it was my first time acting and my first time being in that particular studio. Also – so many cameras.


It’s quite different from TV Production in the sense that FMS UNCUT! is a gameshow, and at first I kept getting affected by which camera was live. In the end I just kept looking forward and at the teleprompter ><


Day 0: Filming the Opening Sequence

Here’s what I wore!

We met up at 9.30AM in school to filming the opening sequence for FMS UNCUT! It was just a simple walking and posing sequence shot in the FMS Courtyard (: We were done by 11AM.

P_20141227_095009_BF P_20141227_095017_BF

Peps and I!


With Anthony. He’s such a dear and so so so nice and funny ^^


Day 1: FMS UNCUT! 

Filming took place from 9.30AM to 7PM. We had to report at 9AM but I left the house with my family, so I ended up reaching at 8AM instead. Oh well. Better early than late, right?


Everyone basically kind of mucked about while the crew got the set and everything ready. It was fun meeting so many new people – the crew as well as the rest of the cast.

Being on your feet for 10 hours is no joke. I couldn’t feel my toes and fingers – it was SO COLD in the studio. It got better after we actually started filming, because the lights are pretty warm and I had nerves from being in front of the camera.


Our gameshow look. (From L-R: Nick, Malcolm, Milo/Emilio, Nicole and me.)





The last day of filming! It was a little bittersweet, because I really grew to love the whole filming experience. Seeing the open house visitors was fun, too. I even saw some of my friends who were conducting the tours!


I didn’t really take many photos that day, because we only shot for a few hours. We had to report at 8AM, and we were done by noon. It was so fun, though! JJJ came as one of the extras…


… and we had a tiny tiny dance number! Hehehehehe.


All in all, I’m really glad I got to work with such a professional, caring crew for my first experience acting. (they had food and water and helped us buy food from 9 floors down?!?! and personalised scripts oh my gosh) It was so fun working with the cast as well, you guys are funny and so encouraging when I messed up my lines. ):


Check out the gallery below for all the shots over the 3 days! (:




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