Caerula Remo

It’s a no makeup kinda day.

Received my package from Sheinside yesterday and this is the first thing I decided to wear! I loved this dress at first sight and I’m so relieved it fits perfectly. It’s probably going to be one of my lazy day dresses…

P_20150113_160632 P_20150113_160629 P_20150113_160521 P_20150113_160555

Dress by Sheinside; Womens 1461 Shoe by Dr Martens; Necklace by Diva

This is my first time wearing this necklace from the now-defunct Diva! It’s pretty much gone from Singapore now. I must’ve bought this three years ago, but I never wore it, mostly because I’m not used to wearing long necklaces that reach past my chest, and this one hits my belly button. (Hehe. Isn’t ‘belly button’ such a cute name?)


Shot by Andrea – thank you!


Don’t forget to click through the gallery below!


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