Adventures with Tzung Ern and Joelle


So I spent my Saturday afternoon with this guy:


(I look so bad in this photo but you look good so here. (: )


After much winding around, laughter and calls/messages, we met at Botanic Gardens MRT! Lunch at Food For Thought was awesome – thank you for showing me to this new place!!! So hipster ah this one.

P_20150110_143554 P_20150110_144706

Still surprised I managed to finish eating this monster!

We stepped out and realised it was still drizzling, so we went back in. Hehehe


Talked and talked and talked whilst the rain stopped and finally got to leave the place. We then decided to walk all 2.2KM back to Botanic Gardens MRT. It was so fun! I’m still really surprised how much I enjoyed it.


Basically both of us whenever we spotted a squirrel.


We made like tourists and followed the map, visiting almost all the sights and sounds of Botanic Gardens. We walked up a sweat and jumped more than a few times thanks to weird sounds and things jumping out at us (aka fishes in Swan Lake). WE ALSO SAW A CROCODILE????? OR A SNAKE. IDK BUT IT WAS KINDA BIG AND MOVED THROUGH THE WATER REALLY QUICKLY THEN DISAPPEARED INTO THE TREES/MINI-ISLAND.


Ginger Garden was so underwhelming. We went there after finding out that you had to pay to go into the Orchid Plaza. (Hmph.) It smelled like gingers, yeah, but that’s about it. There was a small pond with lots of lily pads, but no frogs (thank god) and something that made a very weird sound.


Frangipani Garden was wonderful! It’s basically just a patch of land filled with swings and frangipani trees. And I found out Tzung doesn’t know what a frangipani is/ what it smells like???? So I picked some flowers and now he knows.



Evolution Garden was so scary for me. I’m generally already easily startled, and unfamiliar things keep me very much on edge. I kept thinking something would jump out at us and got very very freaked out every step of the way. I even scared Tzung HAHA but to our defence something did make a weird sound and we never found out what it was. PLUS the path was winding in circles and it seemed like we would never get out HAHAHAHA #dumb


Nature always wears the colours of the spirit. -Ralph Waldo Emerson cr: @tzungern

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Fragrant Garden was… fragrant, but I think we kept smelling all the wrong things. We smelled nasi lemak and fried food and mint???? And somehow none of the flowers (save for one) smelled like anything. ): It was hilarious.


When we (finally) reached the train station (after two hours of walking), my train came first! So we hurriedly took some photos (which we forgot to in the beautiful wonders of nature) and I jumped onto the train. It was an awesome, surprising, fun day and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.





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