[Ed: One month since…]

Spent the 2nd and 3rd last days of 2014 with my darling group of study mates…

P_20141230_180508 P_20141230_180657

Cheryl’s Japanese Spitz, Mochi, is sooo cute.


My virgin experience playing Cluedo! I tried speculating if Sherlock Holmes would’ve aced it or not, because he mostly deduces his conclusions based on clues from the crime scene, and the game isn’t exactly one for observation.


Christmas gifts from Ashley (my Secret Santa) and Joanna (my Secret Santa recipient)!


Drink of the night: Bacardi with Sprite/Coke (Sprite is nicer tbh)

P_20141231_004222 P_20141231_004227

I can’t remember what the game we played was called but it was super fun. It involved drawing cards and all the cards had functions with different tasks and forfeits etc.


As the night went on, people started to fall asleep…


On the floor…


And on the (much coveted) bed.


We all fell asleep (or rather, put ourselves to sleep) at around 4AM, and woke up 7 hours later. Brunch at Tonkotsu Kazan at Square 2 and Llao Llao at United Square and talking, then we split for home. ๐Ÿ˜Œ




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