One Day in JB

It’s New Year’s Eve!!!

Family trip across the Causeway! I still can’t believe we spent an entire day in a single building.

Getting there was surprisingly quick – I think we made it there in around 2 hours? We reached JB’s City Square Mall just in time for lunch —

P_20141228_130108 P_20141228_131936 P_20141228_132007 P_20141228_132107 P_20141228_140243

The restaurant is interesting; we went there during our previous trip to JB too! It serves meals on a hot stone with various sides and drinks. It’s kinda like a different version of Pepper Lunch, except better tasting. 😂




My phone has a nifty makeup feature and I used it full strength on my sister 😂😂😂


We had dinner at Dragon-i at the recommendation of my grandma. Apparently the Xiao Long Bao is really nice…

P_20141228_195407_PN P_20141228_204829 P_20141228_205217


P_20141228_205308 P_20141228_205514

We left after dinner and started the drive back, but apparently we were too late. We got caught in a massive jam starting from before the JB customs and it lasted all the way to Woodlands Checkpoint. It took us two and a half hours just to get to the JB customs – what the hell? – and another hour or so to Singapore shores. It was fucking insane and I feel so sorry for my dad who was driving after a long day and had to deal with that shit.


We reached home at around 1.45/2AM, but I only slept at 5. It was fun, but the jam really messed things up.




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