Lace Box

Not my best look – I was lazy and I just needed some comfort. Also, I love my new cardigan! I like the softness and the warmth and it’s just a little boho.


Cardigan by Nine West; Vintage Boxy Top; Jeans by H&M; Women’s 1460 by Dr. Martens

This location was surprisingly bright. It’s actually just a dark corner by the stairwell, but I think the white tiles reflected all the sunlight in.image-68 image-46

Oyster Pearl Necklace by Supergurl; Geometric Earrings by Lovisa

image-61 image-76

Some candids from our shoot, it was fun (accidentally) twinning with Valencia!


On a side note – been hooked on Kodaline recently. It just fits my mood and it’s really easy to listen to. I guess it started from when I had to reformat my memory card and decided to import the entire In A Perfect World album. Then I listened to it as I studied for my test. I always had it but I only ever listened to High Hopes and All I Want. It goes well if you mix it with Arcade Fire and play them on shuffle.




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