Leather and Stripes

This outfit honestly made me so happy whenever I looked into the mirror all day!


Woke up late and edited this outfit lots before actually heading out… But kinda glad I took the extra time to do so because it ended up making my day so much better. I tried to go a little androgynous, I hope I didn’t crash and burn. Leather and pearls sounds like a good idea, but then again everything sounds like a good idea at 3AM.


Left my sleeve buttons like how I’d always wanted to do because I just don’t like the restriction it gives my hands and arms – it always makes me feel like I can’t move freely.

image-9 image-2 image-4

Jacket by Cotton On Australia; Shirt by Topshop; Pants by The Scarlet Room; 1461 Shoes by Dr Martens; LUCENT BASICS by Issey Miyake


Wearing this vintage pearl necklace again. I haven’t worn it for so long!


Big thanks to Arabelle for shooting!




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