Birthday Shopping

Well, this is kind of a long story.


We wanted to surprise Pepita at the airport on Sunday when she touched down from San Francisco, because her birthday was the next day, but then we had dance practice at the last minute and couldn’t go. So we decided to get her a present instead and find some other way of meeting her and celebrating her birthday.


So Chelsea, Beatryce and I went out on Saturday to get Pepita’s birthday present!


We got most of it from Lovisa, then we went over to The Face Shop to look some more ’cause we felt it wasn’t really enough 🙈


Then we went to Xin Wang HK Cafe for dinner! I love that place. And so far, we’ve been there to eat almost every time we went to JEM together ☺️The only other places we go to are Coffee Bean and The Soup Spoon.


It was great talking and catching up with them, we were all shocked when we checked our phones because it was waaay later than we thought 😂


IMG-20141011-WA0024 IMG-20141011-WA0020 IMG-20141011-WA0022



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