Wheels Through A Lens

I was so excited for this shoot.


I met up with Debbie and Han Min at 11AM at Wheeler’s Yard for lunch before the shoot. It was the first time there for all of us, and we more or less would’ve been lost without Google Maps. 😂 It was so hot getting there, about a 10 minute walk from St. Michael’s Terminal. I blindly followed Google Maps and walked straight past the huge blue door, which was insane. I turned around when the map showed I missed it only then saw the door. I actually said to myself “oh my god I’m fucking blind” HAHAHA



I didn’t take pictures of the interior of the cafe! We did, however, take #foodporn.

Photoshoot at Wheeler's Yard with @hanmin147 and @asiandebness!

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Thank you for the food! ☺️🙆


We headed out of the cafe to shoot a bit around the premises before heading to our next location!

Photoshoot-32 Photoshoot-1 Photoshoot-30 Photoshoot-12 Photoshoot-27 Photoshoot-8 Photoshoot-26 Photoshoot-16

Next location: People’s Park.


We climbed to the rooftop, which took a lot of effort but it was so worth it. Stepping over the threshold between the mall and the rooftop made me feel like I was entering a dystopian Hong Kong. It was a little windy, almost deserted and kind of… hazy? The rooftop itself was weathered, moss and grime covering everything, and the buildings were shrouded in grey.

Photoshoot-45 Photoshoot-54

There were exposed pipes running the perimeter, and a row of potted plants in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

Photoshoot-56 Photoshoot-69 Photoshoot-67 Photoshoot-75

Looking down over the ledge gave me vertigo.


I loved the place, and had so much fun at the shoot.

Photoshoot-73 Photoshoot-72

Looking forward to the next one, and hopefully future opportunities!




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