I fell asleep for all of 2 minutes on the bus home and my mind conjured up images of a massacre – bodies everywhere, but… no blood. There seemed to be a layer of dust on them, along with the rest of the library. Without a doubt these people were dead; their eyes were devoid of the sparkle of life, yet from afar they looked merely asleep, or dreaming. There was something odd about they way they lay, though… something about the heads.

I hear a drop of something slimy hit the ground behind me. My body jolts as it decides whether to flee or fight – then I come face to face with a blonde. She is staring straight at me, with her round blue-green eyes, rouged cheeks and glossy pink lips – screaming as scaly, claw-tipped hands pry her head slowly from her shoulders. Her torso sags; briefly, I wonder why.

I dare not look away; the girl’s stare is gripping and I realise I am the last face she sees in her life. The sickening crack and squish of her throat and spine snapping fills my ears as I look into her glassy eyes and watch them go blank.

The claws release their grip on her head and she falls to the floor, her head still attached to her body by the skin on her neck. She lands on her side, her head rolling almost an entire round as it hits the ground. The slimy sound retreats, and I rush to her. I exhale a breath I didn’t even know I was holding and my mind spins. My panting strikes a sharp contrast against the deathly silence of the room. I lower my head to listen for her breathing, but I already know.

This is how they die.

The police will arrive, shrill sirens filling the cold night air, red and blue lights colouring the lifeless faces they find and they will gaze at the them in confusion. They will not understand, and they will tell the parents and the press that it was an unnatural death. The newspapers will run it, bold headlines and endless coverage, speculations and expert opinions, but no one will know. A library full of dead teenagers, it will be the stuff of rumours and gossip, legends whispered down the hallways and along the street, and no one will ever know.


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