A Chronicle of Failed Plans and Stamping Memories

Let me just come right out and say it – I met an A&F model and freaked the fuck out.


There. I said it.


Now let’s start from the beginning.


Some of the kids of the FMS D4F team of 2014 made plans to meet at 2.30pm at Somerset MRT for a day of shopping, food and eventually supporting one of our comrades in a K-Pop dance competition. I headed over with Joshua Taylor after our respective dance things in school and we reached there at 2.15-ish. We walked to *SCAPE for lunch at McDonald’s and to wait for the rest of them.


Si En joined us at around 3.30PM (?) and we shopped a bit at *SCAPE and at Orchard Cineleisure, where we fully congregated at around 4, after which we walked and shopped some more. Andrea joined our trio, and Isabel and Hein came later. Si En and I left Cineleisure at 6PM because taking 2 hours to shop a tiny mall is insane. We wanted to walk down Orchard Road and see everything else!


We all eventually started walking at around 6.30PM and ended up walking past Abercrombie & Fitch. Someone (I can’t remember who) remarked that they hadn’t ever been in the store, and I chimed in my agreement. The rest immediately took this as a huge loss on our side and push-pulled us into the dim store.


HOWEVER. I’ve always distanced myself from humans of superior physical beauty. It always seemed as if they were almost a different species – I can’t come into close contact with them or I’d have a nervous breakdown. Akin to meeting one’s idol, I just find myself cowering and shying away from cool, confident, attractive people. (If you have an explanation for this, please volunteer it in the comments below.)


Anyway, I shrank away once I caught sight of the Adonis in standing near the entrance. Whether it was the sheer uselessness of such an employee other than physical, sexual appeal, or some other reason, I felt slighted as a member of the female population. And also a little sorry for Abercrombie & Fitch. It’s a bit sad.


I hid among my friends and covered my heated face as they bolstered me into the store. I did, however, hear a warm voice say “Hi!” rather close to my ear, and I looked up – only to bury my face in my hands again. He’s too good-looking?!?!? I’m freaking out. Once in, I peered around and found nothing of interest rather quickly. I looked around for a sign of what I was supposed to do; wait for my friends? talk to the Adonis? find a seat?


My friends were having a laugh at my dispense, which calmed me down a bit and let me breathe and collect myself. Then I looked up and saw (one of) the cutest guys I’ve ever seen in the entirety of my existence. He had neat hair and braces and he was tall and lean and wearing a full set of clothes (a fact I much, much appreciated); and the warm voice I heard earlier! It took some goading from my friends, but they approached him and helped me ask him for a photo. It was adorable when he reacted with surprise – he wasn’t exactly paid to look good, I guess.

IMG-20140920-WA0020 copy

We spent about 10 minutes getting photos with various good-looking people, and out of all the photos we took, I’m pretty sure there’s only one with Adonis. It was hilarious, almost an ironic reflection of our interests versus the company’s efforts. Oh well.


We crossed the road to Takashimaya and headed to the basement for some food that wouldn’t burn a hole in our already-tattered pockets. Ending up at Ambush after many detours and debates, we chatted and laughed and had a lovely time just having a meal together. ☺


After walking around Takashimaya taking photos, the freshies (Andrea, Isabel and Hein) left and us three were left alone again. We headed back to Cineleisure for karaoke, but it turned out that the shortest session was 2 hours, and it ended too late for our curfews. Movies were out of the question too. We ended up walking to Orchard Gateway, taking more random photos along the way.

IMG_5720 IMG_5722 IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5725

Along the way, we popped into Muji and had a little bit of fun:

IMG_5711 IMG_5713

We spent about an hour at the bridge at Gateway, taking photos and dancing a bit before calling it a day.

IMG-20140920-WA0072 IMG-20140920-WA0080 IMG_5776

Such an eventful day, right? It seems like it’s impossible to have a bad time out with friends this good.



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