Food, Drinks and Good Company

Went out on Thursday for a girls’ night out with my study buddies, Ashley, Cheryl, Yun Rong, Joanna and Stefanie! #NOMOREEXAMS


IMG-20140918-WA0014 IMG-20140918-WA0032 copy IMG-20140918-WA0041 copy


We went to Takashimaya for dinner at Seoul Garden, and ended up spending 3 hours in there without even knowing it!


We were split into two tables which were side-by-side because one-third of us (Joanna and I) couldn’t stomach spicy food. We could’ve sat at one huge table, but splitting let us have different soups ☺


It went better than my last attempt at barbequeuing – I didn’t get scalded by the soup or cooking food (much)! Though, my body language probably helped; I spent most of my cooking time with my left arm across my torso and my right arm tentatively moving the meat around 😂


CAM00068 CAM00069


After dinner, we walked along Orchard Road until we got to 313 Somerset, which is where Cheryl, Joanna and I met up. Some of the girls wanted to drink, so I went along and we sat down at Brotzeit. Stef, Cheryl and I split two beers, but our table just shared everything around.


CAM00072 CAM00071 CAM00077

Through that night, I discovered that I don’t like straight beer – I much prefer Jack Daniels with soda or the Taiwanese fruit beer that I tried during Chinese New Year.


We left for home after leaving the bar, with most of us taking the train; except for Joanna, who cabbed home.


The shades of noir the train-taking bunch brought along.


I got home well after 11, and the post-downpour walk home looked a bit like this:

CAM00081 CAM00080

Visibility was low, no thanks to the haze and the cooler nighttime air.


All in all, I had a great night, thanks to the girls and the food and the endless laughter and chatter. Thank you. 🙆





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