~*~*My Week In Review*~*~

Monday was… relatively good. It was a full day of meetings and TV prod filmings but somehow it all passed in a flash and I felt okay. Oh, and I MET GENTLE BONES OMG.

All in all, it was a surprisingly (?) good day. (Not like, it surprised me how good it was but surprisingly as in I didn’t expect to have a good day.)

10PM: TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. even though it didn’t end all that well (TV Prod filming didn’t go as well/ smoothly as we anticipated). I’M DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY????

Tuesday was advert revision lecture!!! Um. Not all that exciting… I guess seeing Rong and Joanna again was good but that’s it. Went home and finished the last two movies of my movie marathon! Having withdrawal symptoms now, I never thought I’d be much of a movie person but I guess things for me are mostly better alone.

Wednesday passed pretty mundanely… the morning was frustratingly angry and news writing was kinda okay, then 3-hour break spent with Natasha, Jes and Jolaine. Then advert tutorial. By then I was pretty out of it. And recklessly messed up and found my way home. Sigh.

Thursday was by far the most frustrating and disappointing day of this week. I shan’t say much (because social media).

Went to AMK Hub after school with Deanny though! Which really brightened my mood. We talked a bit on the bus and it really cleared some stuff up.

Friday was wayyy better than Thursday. Music lesson was okay, and I went to NEX to meet my mum and brother. Then we had Texas Chicken for dinner with my sis!

Saturday was National Day~ nothing much here. Lush 99.5 had an all-day local music thing, which was awesome. They played Charlie Lim, Gentle Bones, The Sam Willows, etc. And thanks to social media, it was cool to watch the artists interact with the listeners as they heard the songs on-air.

Sunday wasn’t anything much… woke up in time for church and had a quick lunch before heading back home. Ended the day off by having an early night in.

I guess that was my week. See you in the next post!



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