~*~*My Week In Review*~*~

Hey. I’ve decided to start this series thing where I write about my life, a opposed to just posting outfit posts. Mainly because I need to let off steam, and also because sometimes there are some things I just can’t say aloud. Words have been my tools for 18 years and they’ve rarely failed me, anyway.



Monday was… horrible. Without going into details, I basically suffered a lot of setbacks in one day, which I didn’t ever anticipate and had a huge impact on me. I lost one of the things I was proud of in school and which gave me motivation to carry on working hard in school. Joanna, Yun Rong, Valencia and Bryan really played a huge part in helping me that day, comforting and just staying by my side but that didn’t mean I recovered immediately. It affected me greatly and I’m still dealing with it, but I’m so thankful for them.



Tuesday was so much better than the hellish day before, and nothing particularly interesting happened. For once, this comforted me rather than bored me. I really didn’t want anything happening after the disaster of Monday.



Tried singing my sorrows away. It kinda worked but I still felt like shit.



TV Prod was wayyy better than last week (last week was horrible – 1 hour long lecture on our feet and 2 hours of messing around because most of my group didn’t come to class). MRM was confusing as fuck and tiring. Thursdays are tiring.



Music lesson. Fridays would be perfect if not for that eyesore.

This week was different though, #TEAMSUMURAI reunion/ dance class/ sharing session! I was so so so happy before, during and after – I cannot express how happy it made me. I truly felt carefree and unburdened, even if just for those few hours.



Flashmob with #FMSinWonderland for Dare To Care, a Year Two Tourism and Resort Management project. Spent almost the whole day with them. It would’ve been a great day if not for my mind and its horrifying thoughts – ended badly.



Woke up at 5:30PM following a horrifying nightmare – I can’t even begin to explain the emotional ramifications. Basically the single scariest dream I can remember.


So that’s my week. No school tomorrow because of Hari Raya, but I have some work to do, and I need to buck up for school. Also, been listening to Ben Howard – how did I only start listening to him now?! #eargasm


Will be going for IGNITE to catch Charlie Lim and The Gentle Bones, as well as Gentle Bones’ debut EP launch party/concert with Yun Rong!


Very very very excited to say the least. Here’s my gig-prep playlist.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.22.41 pm




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