Photoshoot + Danzation Auditions

regram from shopxjaine (@shopxjaine on Instagram)

Friday – did my first ever photo shoot for shopxjaine, run by my course-mate Jolaine! It started off as a blog shop venture with her friend but now she’s running it solo, and I think it’s amazing how she’s juggling it with studies and social life.

shopxjaine’s Instagram ((click click))

The photos were shot by Bryan (who happens to be my classmate for almost a year now), he’s an amazing photographer and the President of the NP Photography Club!!! #wow #awestruck #2cool4u

Deanny, who runs Furx Avenue with her boyfriend, was supposed to join us for the shoot but came a little later because the bus she was in broke down! #LTApls

I have so much to say about the collection and my virgin shoot – I’ll write another post when the collection’s released!

I spent most of Friday hanging out and meeting some new people, so no Resort ’15 Trends there… will resume on Monday/ Tuesday!

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Saturday – spent 9.30AM to 6PM at Music Box for Danzation 2014 auditions! I finished choreographing my solo at 5.30PM on Friday but didn’t feel very fearful, which was good, I guess… or maybe I’m too tired to care that much.

Taken just before I took the tag off, right at the end of auditions

The genre auditions went by in a blur. Hip Hop, Street Jazz and Contemporary felt like they didn’t even happen and before I knew it, it was lunch time and then solo auditions. My turn was quite late on (#67) so I had some time to practice. I felt really empty the whole day though. As if I didn’t feel anything – emotionally, at least – my body still protested from time to time.

After the auditions, my family picked me up and we went for dinner, then picked my brother up from his excursion to the National Day Parade Preview/ National Education Show. Then home, where I’m writing this post.

Hopefully I can finish all my assignments by this week. They’re all due on Friday and I’ve had enough of stress. Can’t wait for the holidays to come and I can hang out with Joanna and Rong and meet new people and maybe write again for AFS and do all the things I really like.

Check out my first post for AFS here.

good vibes x


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