#OOTD: Neon Stripes

Resort ’15 trend of the day: stripes!

outfit shades ring

All photos shot by Jonghan!credits

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram; the rest of the photos on my Facebook.

It’s been a tiring day; slept in and left the house early but still somehow managed to arrive late for the flashmob (more below). Then I ate a bit and bumped into my classmates at Makan Place before Advert! I love my class this semester so so much.

Advert was (and almost always is) a non-stop buffet. We bought food and brought it up to class, and practically ate throughout the lesson. Madihah gave me cheese fries (thank you!) but I thought it was really funny how we were sitting kind of back to back, and then she just kind of leaned over a bit and asked out of the blue if I wanted cheese fries (because she didn’t want hers anymore).

Obviously I said yes. You don’t say no to cheese fries.

We had a flashmob today for my senior Cheryl’s final year events elective module project for JCube’s The Rink. It’s called Light Up The Ice and it’s themed after all the popular colour runs/ illumi runs, etc. except this will be on ice!

Skaters will be encouraged to come down in neon colours, and there will be booths where they can pimp themselves up with things like neon paint! There will also be performances and small activities going on to entertain skaters all night.

The event will take place on the 25 & 26 July 2014, from 9.45PM to 11.45PM at JCube’s The Rink, so come on down to have some fun and chill out (pun totally intended)!



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