#OOTD: Monday Blues

This week is going to be an attempt to incorporate/interpret/adopt Resort ’15’s trends. Today’s trend: Boho.

Kinda-happy day today – woke up extremely late (right at the time when lecture started) but managed to get to school in time for the test at the end of lecture with the help of my dad! Also managed to finish designing the print ads for Advertising’s creative brief and it turned out kinda okay.

outfit shades ring

Shirt handed down from my dad, who bought it from Nepal! Cool, huh. Thank goodness I picked my clothes out the night before or else I would’ve ended up looking a mess, considering I left the house in possibly 10 minutes.


Doing a red lip in the car is nerve-wrecking.


All photos shot by Jonghan!


((He came up with this pose.))

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram, and all the pictures from this shoot on my Facebook.


About my weekend:

It was one of the busiest weekends in recent memory!

Saturday started off with breakfast at 10AM, then heading back home for a change of clothes, then off to Fashion In A City! Went there to write about it for these people, and I met so many new people, many of whom were lovely and so so so encouraging when they learnt that I wanted to be a fashion writer! Some of them even gave me some advice, which was so wonderful and I felt so grateful and humbled. I also happened to meet an alum of my course!

Went back home again, decided about 2 hours before the concert that I was going to watch Stefanie Sun live! Changed clothes and my parents dropped me and my sister off at NEX so we could kill some time and get to the stadium. This is the first concert to take place at the new Sports Hub and the size of it was amazing. I’d never been to a stadium concert before so there goes that virginity. I cried right when she sang the first song, 天黑黑 and at various parts of the concert. She  was sick and I felt so sorry for her! She’s a fighter though, she just kept going.

Sunday began late, brunch 11.30AM and going to buy movie tickets at Balestier. Then home for about an hour or so, where I got some work done, then back out to Balestier for the movie. We (my family) were having a sort-of outing with my brother’s friends’ families because – guess what – they wanted to watch Transformers 3.

Despite knowing of the bad reviews, I still wanted to go because I hadn’t spent much time with my family recently. (My mum and I both fell asleep a few times during the movie. Shhhh) We ended up having dinner together, and supper/ dessert nearby as well. It was fun (but really hot and humid). Rushed some of my work that night and I guess my sleep-deprived mind went on strike.




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